The red panda is considered a omnivore. Their diet consists of bamboo, fruits, berrires, bird eggs, grass, small mammals, and insects. Like the giant panda, the red panda's diet is two thirds bamboo since they can't digest cellulose. Red pandas are good climbers so their method of obtaining food is to use their sharp claws to climb trees by gripping the branches. Also, they grasp their meal of bamboo steams by using their mouth to shear the leaves, while the terminal leaves are nipped by their incisors. The result of receiving very little nutrients and energy, is that the red panda mostly sleep and eat thoughout their day. An interesting fact is that unlike the giant panda, the red panda is very picky about what type of bamboo they eat. The red panda only eat the most tender shoots and leaves. Also they conserve their energy from food by curling up in a ball when they are sleeping.