The behavior of the red panda is different from most animals. the red panda is a nocturnal, which is and animal that slleeps mostly in that day and are awake at night. At around dawn and dusk, they search for their food. While in the day time, they mostly spend their day sleeping on a tree. When the red panda first watches up, they clean their fur by licking its body like a cat. Then after cleaning itslef, the red panda rubs itself at the sides of rocks and trees. Finally, after finishing their morning rountine this mammal goes off to hunt for its food. An unique fact about the red panda, is that this mammal is only awake 56% of the day. Except when its mating season, then it goes up to 63% of the day. The mating period for the red panda starts from early January to early March. This animal is considered a very solitary animal, since it spends most of its life alone.